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 Boulder Dispensaries
Boulder is a dispensary hub for northern Colorado patients. It is equidistant between Denver and Fort Collins, so for any patients in between, Boulder dispensaries offer great prices for high quality meds. Here, we will explore what patients should expect concerning prices, quality, and care-giving benefits.
Medical marijuana prices in Boulder may not be as cheap as one can find in Denver, but considering many alternatives, the average price for medicine is decent for the quality of the product. On the high end, a patient could expect to pay as much at $250 for a top shelf ounce at some dispensaries. The average for top shelf bulk product, ranges between $200-$250. Top Shelf eighths have a price range of anywhere between the upper twenties to $40. Grams typically lie in the mid to high teens. Patients should expect to pay around $170 to $200 for an average priced, quality ounce. Comparatively, northern Colorado dispensaries charge an average of $50 or more beyond the typical price of a Boulder ounce, so a 30 minute drive to Boulder could save you some money if you want to buy bulk product.
Quality is in abundance in the Boulder medical marijuana market. There are 25 dispensaries in the Boulder area, the median customer rating is 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. The average Boulder dispensary rating is 4.43 stars. No single dispensary in the Boulder area ranks below 4 stars.
Finally, care-giving benefits offered by Boulder dispensaries are some of the best in the state. We will list three of the top care-giving choices in Boulder. First, ‘Fresh Baked’ offers its patient a $100 ounce upon designating them as your primary caregiver. Member prices include a $195 ounce, $30 eighths, and $10 grams. Fresh baked offers a selection of over 50 different type of edibles and concentrates, and over 20 different strains of bud, and is the highest ranked dispensary with 4.8 stars. Green Tree Medicinals is another great option. They have two locations (one in Longmont and one in Boulder) and offer tailored care-giving plans to your needs as a patient. They offer specials weekly including free products with purchase, and discounts on already low prices. Green Tree Medicinals received 4.4. stars, offers 28 different strains, and over 50 options of edibles and infused products. Finally, Green Dream Health Services also makes our list. They offer members “Buy-One-Get-One-Free” deals monthly, discounted products, and primary access to top shelf product. They offer 20 different strains of bud, and over 20 different selections of edibles. Green Dream received 4.7 stars, and is a great choice when it comes to receiving care-giving benefits.


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