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What is Amendment 64?

What is Amendment 64?
Amendment 64 establishes the legalized recreational use of marijuana and marijuana infused products in Colorado. Amendment 64 is broken up into two distinct parts; Section 3 for personal use of marijuana, and Section 4 pertains to the cultivation and distribution of cannabis and cannabis infused products.
Section 3 establishes the legal personal use of cannabis under certain conditions. First, “Possessing, using, displaying, purchasing, or transporting marijuana accessories or one ounce or less of marijuana” is now legal under the new law. Further, cannabis user may also possess, grow, process or transport up to six marijuana plants (with three or fewer plants being mature and flowering). This personal possession of cannabis, and cannabis plants, may not be made for sale. More specifically, all growing operations, or consumption of marijuana, may not be conducted openly in public. Growers and users may transfer one ounce of marijuana or less to any person 21 years of age or older. Growers, and marijuana users, may assist another person who is 21 years of age or older in the cultivation of cannabis. Finally, any person 21 years of age or older, may purchase cannabis from a licensed marijuana retail store.
Section 4 establishes the lawful operation of marijuana-related facilities. Amendment 64 states that the, “Manufacture, possession, or purchase of marijuana accessories or the sale of marijuana accessories to a person who is twenty-one years of age or older” may be conducted as legal business in the state of Colorado. These businesses may manufacture, display, or transport marijuana and marijuana infused products. Marijuana business owners can purchase cannabis from a marijuana cultivation facility, or a marijuana manufacturing facility, and also sell marijuana products to consumers. Any person who may want to own or operate a marijuana facility must obtain a current and valid license to operate a marijuana retail store. Cities and counties do have the right to ban or restrict recreational and medical marijuana facilities (i.e. dispensaries).
So, what can you not do under the new law? Under Amendment 64, no protections exist to restrict an employer from discharging an employee for the consumption, possession, transfer, display, sale, or growing of marijuana in the work place. Cannabis users may not drive under the influence of marijuana, or while impaired by marijuana. No person may transfer or sell cannabis, or cannabis infused products, to anyone under the age of 21. Further, no person under the age of 21 may purchase, posses, use, transport, grow, or consume marijuana. Also, any person, employer, school, hospital, detention center, corporation, or landlord may prohibit the use, possession, growing, consumption, display, distribution, or sale of marijuana on their premises.
The point of Amendment 64 is not just to decriminalize marijuana, but to legalize it. This means marijuana users cannot face criminal charges, or be fined for their use of cannabis products, and it establishes the legal retail of cannabis in Colorado. Medical cannabis laws are still in effect, and do offer further benefits to patients who are still a part of the medical marijuana program, or for those who wish to apply for the state medical marijuana registry. Recreational users will not have access to licensed medical cannabis dispensaries under Amendment 64.