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What you need to know as a patient

What You Should Know About Shopping at Dispensaries in Colorado

Once you see a doctor in Colorado and the physician signs off on your recommendation to use medical cannabis there are still a few steps to take before you can start shopping at a dispensary. Below are the different procedures you must take if you are a new patient or if you are a renewal.


New Patients: All new patients have 60 days to submit their application packet to the state registry. The state recommends you send everything to the state certified mail through the post office. This is a good idea because you may use the certified mail receipt from the post office and your temporary paperwork to shop at dispensaries for the first 35 days before you even receive your state issued license. There is one caveat; most dispensaries will only accept temporary paperwork on the weekdays before 5 PM. So, plan accordingly.


Renewals: Dispensaries are not allowed to sell to renewals with temporary paperwork alone. This means a state issued license is required if you wish to use dispensaries as a renewing patient. However, temporary paperwork does allow renewals to continue growing or possess marijuana if the license expires while the new license is being processed.


For All Patients: Dispensaries can only sell two ounces to a patient at any one time. Either a state issued marijuana license, or temporary license (New patients only), and a valid photo ID are required to purchase cannabis. No dispensary is open later than 7PM in the state of Colorado.